Norgein USA Participated in Sparling Exhibition

August 30th, 2012, Norgein Communications Corporation participated in Sparling Science & Technology Exhibition.

Sparling is the largest professional consulting and electronics companies, their idea is unique and innovative. Their innovative ideas from the understanding of the market, look at the problem from the customer point of view, and from tangible actual needs.

In Sparling company, combining consulting and engineering technology greatly enhance the user experience. In health care, higher education, business, data centers and other markets, they provide a transparent delivery system light, sound, energy and information. The company’s 130 experienced professionals work together to provide a superior design in the local and national levels, the company maintained a 64-year leader position.

Sparling technology exhibition in sunny San Diego, California, held, more than 200 people attended the event, including users, architects, engineers and general contractors.

The exhibition is not only to provide technical users, architects, engineers and general contractors at the forefront of data, voice, vision and energy and other areas, but also provides the opportunity to establish business relationships and potential business cooperation for these people.