Mission Statement

Geintech Technologies is born with the mindset of providing trustworthy and genuine low voltage cables to our valued cable distributors. We promise to thrive in the industry by listening to our customers and acting upon it.

Our Values

Customers for life.
Our customers will distinguish Geintech Technologies as their present and future cable provider.

Our clients can be assured of fair and consistent quality, service and pricing.

Geintech Technologies will embrace new and better technologies as they become available. We will welcome change as an opportunity.

Team work.
Geintech Technologies will work through mutuality that’s maintained through open and transparent communication. We will treat all clients with fair and equal respect. We will listen, evaluate and provide the answers that ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied.

Geintech Technologies Promise

Geintech Technologies promises to be a trusted and reliable provider of specialized bulk cable products. Our primary focus is to develop a product where all the specifications are met to UL standards. We are dedicated to continuously elevate our brand through innovation, commitment to quality, and superior customer service.

We believe our open minded communications with our clients and partners will produce a mutually beneficial synergy and earn customer loyalty. Geintech Cables will always be acknowledged as the company that listens to their clients, anticipates their needs, and proactively ensures ongoing value.

Why Geintech Technologies

When it comes to bulk cables, there are so many companies to choose from.

How do you go about choosing a particular brand of cables when you are in need? Price, quality, reliability?

Unfortunately, most people go after the cheapest priced item because some of them believe, it doesn’t make a difference.

Due to its complexity, bulk cables should not be judged by its physical appearance alone. One must acknowledge the core of the product, the bare copper that lays beneath the outer jacket. The use of fresh compounds to produce the jackets (as they have an expiration date, just like a produce). At Geintech Cables, we strongly enforce all necessary standards to be verified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).