UL is one of the most recognized and trusted resources for product safety testing, certification and information today.

Geintech Technologies has invested more than $3 million with UL and continually invests to keep our products in full coordination with UL and its certifications.

By choosing to work with UL, Geintech is making a statement about our commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality.

No other compliance organization speaks with more authority and integrity or add value to a brand.

One of UL’s policies are to have the QC managers continuously visit the factories to inspect the factories shipments periodically.

This integrated service by UL allows us to bring a safer product to you and your customers.

Box Design

Cable Winding Patter / Low Headroom

One of the major dissatisfactions for bulk cable among installers is cable kink.
In order to prevent cable kink, Geintech emphasized on producing the cable in a winding pattern.
In addition, Geintech ensured that the products will sit with a low head room inside of our 4” large-mouth opening box.
Installers can now go through a job much quicker with our easy pull products.
You do not have to be frustrated and/or stressed with cable knots and kinks.